The designer: 

Martinu Schneegass, born 1951 in Germany,

Masters in Architecture from Darmstadt, Germany,

Masters in Fine Arts from Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris.

Living in New York since 1980.

Currently working in 3 areas:

_ Art Director and Photoshop illustrator and retoucher in medical advertising, 

_ Teaching Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to Jewelers at the NYJDI

_ Facilitator of Psych-K, seeing private clients


The work:

Fire Island Vibes was originally meant as an homage to Cherry Grove and The Pines on Fires Island, NY, a place I fell in love with years ago and that represents a unique energy and atmosphere. I started to look for ways to express the spirit of this place in a very personal but also universal way. To invoke some of the magic here I looked for images and color palettes that capture this specific energy. The goal was to combine images of nature and the human experiences here.

After a series of collages of photographs I took on Fire Island creating surreal environments, a quasi mythology, I discovered sublimation printing which allows overall printing on T-shirts at al. Now my imagery can be worn on the body, becoming like a second skin that shifts the mood.

While searching for a contemporary pattern language with rich potential that echoes todays world view, I came across Fractals, perhaps one of the closest description of structures in nature through mathematics, but also a rich source of patterns that seem fresh, innovative, organic, and esthetically pleasing. In combining fractal programs and Photoshop I try to come up with designs that draw you in, that trigger an uplifting energy in those who wear the shirts and in the onlooker, celebrating life, playfulness, sensuality and even mystery. When combined with photography, most taken on the island, fractals and photography are symbolically bringing harmony between human activity and nature, or seen from another perspective, a dance between the abstract and the concrete world. The beach towels seem a natural extension of the shirt collection, bringing an unexpected opulence to the beach, the major focal point of fun and recharging on Fire Island.